GeauxSchedule Administration



Approving Scheduled Requests from users

For Room Reservations

You may directly approve reservations via the email notifications from GeauxSchedule. To get a view of all pending room reservations please visit here.

For Vehicle Reservations

You may directly approve reservations via the email notifications from GeauxSchedule. To get a view of all pending vehicle reservations please visit here.

For Granting Access to Scheduling Vehicles

After a user has turned in all necessary vehicle authorization forms, the vehicle scheduling administrator will need to email with the subject "Add Vehicle Access" and include the MyLSU/PAWS ID, Full Name, and Supervisor Name of the person allowed to schedule vehicles in the email message. It will take 1 - 3 business days for the user to be granted access to vehicle scheduling. Please contact the ITM office @ 225-578-3907 to check the status.


Setting up Schedules

When installing GeauxSchedule a default schedule will be created with out of the box settings. From the Schedules menu option you can view and edit attributes of the current schedules.

Each schedule must have a layout defined for it. This controls the availability of the resources on that schedule. Clicking the Change Layout link will bring up the layout editor. Here you can create and change the time slots that are available for reservation and blocked from reservation. There is no restriction on the slot times, but you must provide slot values for all 24 hours of the day, one per line. Also, the time format must be in 24 hour time. You can also provide a display label for any or all slots, if you wish.

A slot without a label should be formatted like this: 10:25 - 16:50

A slot with a label should be formatted like this: 10:25 - 16:50 Schedule Period 4

Below the slot configuration windows is a slot creation wizard. This will set up available slots at the given interval between the start and end times.

Setting up Resources

You can view and manage resources from the Resources menu option. Here you can change the attributes and usage configuration of a resource.

Resources in GeauxSchedule can be anything you want to make bookable, such as rooms or equipment. Every resource must be assigned to a schedule in order for it to be bookable. The resource will inherit whatever layout the schedule uses.

Setting a minimum reservation duration will prevent booking from lasting longer than the set amount. The default is no minimum.

Setting a maximum reservation duration will prevent booking from lasting shorter than the set amount. The default is no maximum.

Setting a resource to require approval will place all bookings for that resource into a pending state until approved. The default is no approval required.

Setting a resource to automatically grant permission to it will grant all new users permission to access the resource at registration time. The default is to automatically grant permissions.

You can require a booking lead time by setting a resource to require a certain number of days/hours/minutes notification. For example, if it is currently 10:30 AM on a Monday and the resource requires 1 days notification, the resource will not be able to be booked until 10:30 AM on Sunday. The default is that reservations can be made up until the current time.

You can prevent resources from being booked too far into the future by requiring a maximum notification of days/hours/minutes. For example, if it is currently 10:30 AM on a Monday and the resource cannot end more than 1 day in the future, the resource will bot be able to be booked past 10:30 AM on Tuesday. The default is no maximum.

Certain resources cannot have a usage capacity. For example, some conference rooms may only hold up to 8 people. Setting the resource capacity will prevent any more than the configured number of participants at one time, excluding the organizer. The default is that resources have unlimited capacity.

Application Administrators are exempt from usage constraints.

Resource Images

You can set a resource image which will be displayed when viewing resource details from the reservation page. This requires php_gd2 to be installed and enabled in your php.ini file. More Details

Setting up Accessories

Accessories can be thought of as objects used during a reservation. Examples may be projectors or chairs in a conference room.

Accessories can be viewed and managed from the Accessories menu item, under the Resources menu item. Setting a accessory quantity will prevent more than that number of accessories from being booked at a time.

Setting up Quotas

Quotas prevent reservations from being booked based on a configurable limit. The quota system in GeauxSchedule is very flexible, allowing you to build limits based on reservation length and number reservations. Also, quota limits "stack". For example, if a quota exists limiting a resource to 5 hours per day and another quota exists limiting to 4 reservations per day a user would be able to make 4 hour-long reservations but would be restricting from making 3 two-hour-long reservations. This allows powerful quota combinations to be built.

Application Administrators are exempt from quota limits.

Setting up Announcements

Announcements are a very simple way to display notifications to GeauxSchedule users. From the Announcements menu item you can view and manage the announcements that are displayed on users dashboards. An announcement can be configured with an optional start and end date. An optional priority level is also available, which sorts announcements from 1 to 10.

HTML is allows within the announcement text. This allows you to embed links or images from anywhere on the web.

Setting up Groups

Groups in GeauxSchedule organize users, control resource access permissions and define roles within the application.


Roles give a group of users the authorization to perform certain actions.

Users that belong to a group that is given the Application Administrator role are open to full administrative privileges. This role has nearly zero restrictions on what resources can be booked. It can manage all aspects of the application.

Users that belong to a group that is given the Group Administrator role are able to reserve on behalf of and manage users within that group.

Viewing and Managing Reservations

You can view and manage reservations from the Reservations menu item. By default you will see the last 7 days and the next 7 days worth of reservations. This can be filtered more or less granular depending on what you are looking for. This tool allows you to quickly find an act on a reservation. You can also export the list of filtered reservations to CSV format for further reporting.

Reservation Approval

From the Reservations admin tool you will be able to view and approve pending reservations. Pending reservations will be highlighted.

Viewing and Managing Users

You can add, view, and manage all registered users from the Users menu item. This tool allows you to change resource access permissions of individual users, deactivate or delete accounts, reset user passwords, and edit user details. You can also add new users to GeauxSchedule. This is especially useful if self-registration is turned off.


Reports are accessible to all application, group, resource and schedule administrators. When the currently logged in user has access to reporting features, they will see a Reports navigation item. GeauxSchedule comes with a set of Common Reports which can be viewed as a list of results, a chart, exported to CSV and printed. In addition, ad-hoc reports can be created from the Create New Report menu item. This also allows listing, charting, exporting and printing. In addition, custom reports can be saved and accessed again at a later time from the My Saved Reports menu item. Saved reports also have the ability to be emailed.